East Barnwell Health Centre

East Barnwell Health Centre, Ditton Lane, Cambridge, CB5 8SP

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PATIENT NOTICE – We will be closed from 2.30pm on (22/11/23) for staff training. For non-urgent queries, please use our Online Patient Triage. For medical problems that can’t wait until we re-open, please call 111 or in an emergency dial 999. 

Self-Referral Services

There are some services that do not require a GP referral. You can access these directly as per the information below.

Sexual Health

iCash offers information, advice, screening and treatment for sexual health, such as sexually transmitted infections (STI’s), pregnancy and termination advice, and onward referral to antenatal and termination services. Anyone can self refer to the service, regardless of age or gender, by following this link; https://www.icash.nhs.uk/

Mental Health

Are you feeling; low,stressed,anxious,worried or burnt-out? The Psychological Wellbeing Service (IAPT) offers treatments across Cambridgeshire and Peterborough.

If you would like support you may refer your self directly to the service via the internet at: http://www.cpft.nhs.uk/ or Telephone: 0300 300 0055.


You can self-refer for physiotherapy by downloading a self-referral form from this website http://www.eoemskservice.nhs.uk/self-referral or alternatively by calling 0300 555 0123 and requesting a self-referral form from the physio administrators.

Carers Direct

If you are are a carer please let us know – we may be able to help you.
There is a wealth of information on NHS Choices about carers and caring. Below are some contact details you will find useful. Telephone; 0808 802 0202, E-mail; CarersDirect@nhschoices.nhs.uk . Lines are open 8am-9pm Monday-Friday, 11am-4pm at weekends.


You can also self refer for podiatry by visting the following website; http://www.cpft.nhs.uk/services/podiatry.htm or Telephone; 01480 418538



If you’ve had a sleep problem for more than a month, then now is the time to tackle it. Sleepstation’s clinically validated sleep improvement programme is available on the NHS. You can self-refer on the website at: https://www.sleepstation.org.uk/start-now/ 

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