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Registration Policy


New patients should submit a New Patient Registration Form/Health Questionnaire. The Practice will accept patients onto its list whilst it remains “Open”. If the list is closed, the Practice will only accept registrations of immediate family members of patients who are already registered and only if such relatives reside permanently at the registered patient’s address. Proof of residence may be required however there is no contractual obligation to request this.

Patients will not be unreasonably refused registration, and “unreasonable” includes refusal based on:

  • Medical condition
  • Race
  • Gender or sexual orientation
  • Disability
  • Age
  • Religious group or religious beliefs
  • Political beliefs
  • Appearance or lifestyle

The Practice will however refuse registration if:

  • The list is officially “Closed” (see above)
  • The patient resides out of the publicised Practice area, this is because of practical and clinical needs of our in area patients

The Practice will normally refuse registration (subject to a Partners’ discussion and agreement) if:

  • The patient has been previously removed from the list
  • The patient has a known history of violence

The reason for refusal will be in writing and recorded in a permanent record for that purpose. This excludes Temporary Residents, where no record is necessary.

The permanent record will consist of the original GMS1 registration form endorsed with the reason for refusal, together with a copy of the refusal letter, filed in Surname order. Where a GMS1 has not been completed, a “dummy” GMS1 will be prepared and filed.

The record is subject to inspection by the Primary Care Officer who may require the Practice to justify a refusal to register.