East Barnwell Health Centre

East Barnwell Health Centre, Ditton Lane, Cambridge, CB5 8SP

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Telephone: 01223 728900

Daytime Emergencies: 01223 728999


Doctors’ Appointments

There are two different types of appointments:

  • Pre-booked appointments – These allow you to book in advance if you wish to see a specific doctor, please telephone reception after 10am to arrange.
  • Triaged appointments – Due to an ever increasing demand for appointments, EBHC operate a Telephone Triage system. This is for on the day urgent medical conditions.  Your details will be taken by a receptionist, they will ask you the nature of the problem to help the doctor when returning your call and the Triage doctor will call you back to discuss the most appropriate care for you. This may result in you being invited to attend the surgery that same day, or you may find that your query is resolved over the telephone.  Once invited to attend the surgery, you may find that you see a doctor or our minor illness nurse. Who you see will depend on the nature of your concern and the appropriate care as determined by your telephone call with the triage doctor.

We prefer you to see your own doctor whenever possible as we think this is best for our patients and provides continuity of care however, if your usual doctor is not available, one of the other doctors will be happy to see you.

Click here to book/cancel your appointment online

Please bear in mind that most of our doctors work part time and may not be running a clinic on the day that you wish to be seen. To help with this, please access the doctors Timetable tab above.

Please be assured that all our staff observe strict confidentiality at all times.

Urgent Medical Attention

Telephone  01223 728999 if you think a patient is seriously ill and needs a doctor quickly. Please make it clear to the receptionist.

How to get the most out of your appointment with the doctor or nurse

We would like to be able to spend more time with each patient but the demand for appointments means that at present each appointment can be for only ten minutes. The following suggestions may help you and us to make the best use of this short time:

  • If you are worried that your symptoms might mean that you have a particular disease, don’t be afraid to tell us. For example, you may have a friend or relative with heart disease, cancer or arthritis, and you may suspect that you have the same. It helps us if you can let us know about your fears. Please don’t be shy!
  • It helps greatly if the ten minutes of the appointment can be spent dealing with your main concern rather than with a list of topics some of which may be less important. We do find that it is usually a mistake to try to deal with more than one item during the same consultation.
  • Medication: we know that people often dislike taking tablets or forget to take them, or stop them because they are giving side-effects. If this applies to you do please tell us. We are not going to be offended and it really does help us to know.
  • Telephone appointments: people often find that minor problems or queries can be dealt with satisfactorily on the telephone. Therefore if you would like to speak to your doctor and feel that an examination will not be necessary do consider asking for a telephone appointment.

We try to make absolutely sure that anyone needing an urgent appointment can get one. However, you will often find that we ask you to talk this over with the doctor or nurse by telephone beforehand.

Patients under the age of 16 are expected to attend with either a parent or responsible adult.  Our policy is to encourage children to discuss their problem with a parent or guardian but we appreciate this might not always be possible, for example in sensitive areas such as contraception. We respect the confidentiality of minors in the same way as adults.

If you are unable to keep an appointment, we would appreciate as much notice as possible to enable us to offer the appointment to somebody else.

We hope you find these suggestions helpful and we are glad to receive your feedback or your own suggestion in return.

Opening Times

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